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Massage Balls

A versatile tool to self- massage tight muscles, trigger points, and tissue adhesions.  Use the massage ball against the wall inside a sock or on the floor to target between the scapulae, upper traps, glutes, calves, forearms, hands, and feet. The double ball creates more of a kneading effect and is effective for working along the spine and neck. The larger massage ball has a broader contact surface and is best used on the glutes and back. The spikey ball provides more stimulation to the nerves and creates a flushing effect on the soft- tissue. 

Massage balls range in price $5- $10.

Foam Rollers

The ultimate tool to massage out muscle tension, enhance blood flow to fatigued muscles, and promote better range of motion. Foam rolling is the new stretching! Imagine using a rolling pin to spread and soften dough, but in this case you move the dough (your body) over the roller. Ask for a free demonstration and we will gladly help you decide which size, density, and texture is best for you.

Regular foam rollers range from $10- $14 and
the vibrating foam roller is $95 (it’s truly amazing!)

Posture Brace

The posture brace is ideal for someone who sits at a desk or in the car for long periods of time. The brace is designed to hold your shoulders in a retracted position, helping to retrain the muscles of the upper back to engage and keep the shoulders from rounding forward. The brace should not be worn while doing extensive reaching, lifting, or pushing as it teaches bad movement patterns and can be irritating. We allow our clients to try out the posture brace before deciding if it is something they will use.


This brace can be worn under or over clothes and is $35.

Kinesiology tape is a latex free, stretchy tape that is designed to stimulate the propriosceptors of the skin. When applied in a precise way the tape relieves inflammation, interrupts the pain signal coming from the localized area, and helps train muscles to function more efficiently. The beauty of the tape is that it is water and sweat resistant, making it the ONLY therapy that continues working while you exercise and for days on end. There are many brands out there, but we have found Rocktape to be the stickiest and most user friendly. Our practitioners have trained extensively with Rocktape to provide clients with the most effective application of the tape for their ailment. The Rocktape website is a wealth of information including how-to videos and other mobility products they offer. 

We have various colors and patterns of tape available for $30 a roll and individual applications for $15 that may be scheduled online or by calling the office.

Topical Pain Relief

This day in age it seems pain- relieving medicine taken orally causes more problems than they can help. Topical analgesics, or those applied to the skin can be more effective and often are made of natural pain- relieving ingredients like Boswellia (Frankincense), MSM, Arnica, Capsaisin, and Clove. These products can be applied to the area of pain multiple times a day and are less smelly and significantly more effective than Bengay or Icy-hot. CBD oil and balm is flooding the market with its inflammation and pain relieving properties.

We carry +CBD brand salve, Cryoderm Heat and Cold therapy, and Tiger Balm topical analgesic ranging in price $8- $35.

Sample applications are available during your massage session!

Elastic Resistance Band

Our number one tool for retraining movement patterns, resistance bands have been proven to be as effective as using free weights to increase strength. Resistance bands are easier to store, lighter to travel with, and actually do a better job at recruiting the small stabilizing muscles that can be overpowered with traditional weight lifting. Our goal is to help clients move more efficiently with balanced muscle tone, not bulk up! You can schedule a training session to learn how to use resistance bands with one of our ACE certified personal trainers.

We offer various sizes of resistance bands in office for $7- $15.

Stretch Rope

Stretching should not be a painful experience and utilizing a stretch rope allows you to relax the muscles you are trying to stretch. Despite the name, a rope used for stretching works better when it does not stretch itself. We can show you how to best utilize a stretch rope to improve your flexibility and mobility.

Any non- stretching band like a belt or dog leash will do, but we do offer adjustable ropes for $12.

Stretch Dowel Rod

Another tool we like to use to enhance self- stretching and improved mobility is a dowel rod. The rigidity of the dowel rod versus a rope helps identify sticky spots in the shoulder range of motion arc. Regularly challenging the movement pattern of the joint can improve motor control and shoulder mobility allowing for improved overhead lifting, posture, and even breathing!  Give it a try, you may be surprised how challenging it is to make a full arc overhead without letting go of the rod! We also use the dowel rod to aid in balance, hip flexibility, and trunk rotation exercises.

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