Spotlight Muscle: Rhomboids

I’d like to start off the Spotlight Muscle Series with the number one area of complaint I see as a massage therapist, pain between the shoulder blades. The culprit? The Rhomboids. The Rhomboid Minor and Rhomboid Major connect the right and left  shoulder blades (scapula) to either side of the spine. They are the main muscles used […]

Yes, you need a massage!

Have you had your tires rotated recently? Have you been to the dentist for a cleaning? How about regular check ups for skin cancer signs? These not so fun appointments are preventative measures we take to keep life running smoothly. Without them things can and will go wrong. Maybe not right away but down the road […]

A first time experience with Cupping Massage

Today I had the opportunity to experience cupping massage for the first time. Cupping massage was recently on people’s radar after watching the summer Olympics in which many of the swimmers displayed large, circular bruises on their shoulders. My Ahh Spa co-worker Lillian was intrigued by the cupping technique and set about learning how to incorporate it […]

Massage Therapy: The tip of the iceberg

The goal of this site is to educate and challenge our belief of what massage therapy is and what it can do to heal the body. My hope is your interest will at be peaked and you may consider therapeutic massage as  a viable treatment. Without getting too hung up on terminology, let’s run with […]