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Massage Your Mate

This popular class is informative and fun for couples or friends and family members who would like to give better massages. Licensed massage therapists will take you through some basic anatomy and massage techniques to better identify knots, trigger points, and tight muscles. You will also learn how to better communicate what you need when being massaged and how to minimize hand fatigue while working your partner’s neck, hands, and back. 

$60 per couple. Please register by phone or email with credit card hold. All massage work will be done seated and on top of clothing.
  • Friday, Febuary 9th 630-8pm

Roll out! Introduction to Foam Rolling and Self Massage

What does foam rolling do for my body?
What are the benefits of different sizes, densities, and textures of foam rollers available today?
When and how should I foam roll?
Can I cause harm to my body if foam rolling is done incorrectly?
What else can I use to release tension when a foam roller isnt enough?

These questions and more will be addressed in this introductory class on foam rolling and other self-massage techniques. Participation in rolling around on the floor in weird positions is a must. Pre- registration and payment is required, class is limited to 8 participants!

$25 Be sure to wear fitted athletic clothing (loose clothing can be problematic when rolling) and bring your own foam roller if you have one. A variety of rollers will be available for use and purchase at Move Better Orthopedic Massage.

Your Environment is Trying to Kill You! Ergonomics at Work and Home

The way we hold our bodies while driving, working at a desk, and even sleeping has a surprising impact on chronic joint and muscle pain. This class is informational and provides client-engaged simulations (bring your pillow to class!!) Included is a take home guide to help you on your life long journey to live and move without pain.
$25 Wear comfortable clothes and bring your work vehicle if you spend a lot of time driving. We will also look at sleep position and posture while sitting and standing.