Tiffany  “Hutch” Hutchens

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Indiana Licensed Massage Therapist
Graduated Bodyworks Massage Institute 2011
Rock Tape Kinesiotape Level I 2013
Orthopedic Massage Certified Practitioner 2014
Myoskeletal Alignment Technique Seminar 2016
Rock Tape “Rock Blades” Practitioner 2017

I am beyond excited to bring a true Orthopedic Massage facility to Evansville, IN with Move Better Orthopedic Massage.  I am enriched on a daily basis by my clients and the never ending challenge to keep learning about the body.  I lead an active lifestyle and have used my personal experiences with cycling, running, and weight lifting to help my clients solve their movement dysfunctions and keep moving.

 Tiffany Schultz

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Indiana Licensed Massage Therapist
Graduated Bodyworks Massage Institute 2009

Tiffany specializes in deep tissue and sports massage and is best known for her ability to find the places that hurt so good. Tiffany has extensive experience in helping her clients overcome sciatica, shoulder pain, IT band issues, and trigger points in the glutes and shoulders. Tiffany has worked along side Chiropractors to help people achieve muscular- skeletal relief. Tiffany is motivated to help people move better and learn good health habits. She is currently working towards a degree in nursing but doesn’t foresee herself ever completely giving up massage.


 Laura Head


After graduating from Indiana University as a Big Ten collegiate swimmer with a degree in Kinesiology, I further pursued an education in massage therapy. Currently, I am a certified American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer, a certified Orthopedic Massage therapist, an Indiana licensed Massage Therapist, and I am certified in Rocktape Kinesiology taping and blades.  While attending Bodyworks Massage Institute, I discovered my passion with massage therapy was more rehabilitative. I enjoy helping reduce pain for those injured and forming a plan for those individuals to live a pain free life through improved body movement and body awareness. I have 5 years of massage rehabilitative experience working at a chiropractors’ office with deep tissue techniques, active release, cupping, and Rocktape Kinesiology taping. I also have a true passion for working with special populations of any age on improving strength, balance, and flexibility.